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World Champions!

Our heartfelt congratulations to the Costa Rican surf champions who have made history in the sport of surfing for their country.

Last weekend, the strength of the Costa Rican team shone through as they won the overall gold medal in the International Surfing Association (ISA) 2015 World Surfing Games held at Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua.

They not only brought home this medal, but also won the Fernando Aguirre World Team Trophy. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) President’s Trophy anointed Costa Rica the world champions of surfing! Then they went on to win another gold medal for coming in first place in the ISA Aloha Cup tag team event.

It was an impressive sweep by the Costa Rican dream team and we couldn't be more proud. Thank you to these athletes for their dedication to the sport and for their incredible talent. They are an inspiration to all surfers, young and old!


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