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Yoga and Surfing, a Great Combination

Surfing is an intense experience with powerful adrenaline rushes. There are no words to describe the thrill of catching a wave, feeling it lift you up and carry you towards the beach. An instant respect for the ocean and the power of water makes a lasting impression on new surfers.

People who practice yoga regularly know the benefits of being in tune with your body and your breath. This is extremely helpful when learning to surf. Core strength developed through yoga, pilates and strength training will allow you to master the 'pop up', while your balance and body awareness will serve you well riding the waves and maintaining control of the board.

As our students venture further into the sport of surfing, a person who practices yoga has an advantage in the ability to connect their breath with the movements in the water. Flexibility, balance and strength help us in every physical activity we engage in, and this is especially true with surfing.

Join us for a yoga surf retreat and discover the connections between these two amazing activities. Find your pura vida here in Costa Rica.

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